The 2A Continental Architectural Award for Asia & Europe of the Iranian architecture magazine will be presented on 2017-10-20 in Berlin. Prof. Ralf Niebergall, vice-president of the Federal Chamber of German Architects opens the event. After that a panel discussionwith well- known architects and professors will be held with the topic: “Unity in Diversity in today’s Europe-Asia Architecture”. Apart from Thomas Lücking, Design Director and Business Manager of Gerber Architekten Berlin, also Eike Becker of Eike Becker Architekten and Hakki Kaan Kuran of Priedemann Facade Experts will participate in the discussion.  In the evening there will be the award ceremony and the winners of the categories Europe and Asia with the topic: “Innovative Architecture in Various Continents” will be announced. Gerber Architekten could already qualify with 4 out of 5 projects for the second round of the awards. It will be an exciting evening for us!

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2A Annual Architectural Conference Berlin 2017

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