In the competition proceedings of the two parts “New construction of office building” and “new construction of a multi-Storey car park” in Unna Gerber Architekten have been awarded for both projects with recognition. The central design idea for both projects has been to strengthen the complete station area as entrance into the city and by building two solitary buildings to condense the urban appearance to create a representative complete ensemble

©Gerber Architekten

Now we have got the official confirmation: In the competition for the „Hainan BOAO Bio-Medical Regeneration Clinic and Research Center“, Gerber Architekten have been awarded the first prize. On the island of Hainan in the South China Sea a medical center including a stem cell research center will be built on an resort of about 90.000 m². This unique combination of medical specialist departments, which work on the highest level and institutions, equipped with highest comfort, serve the recreation and regeneration and will be situated around a generously designed lake.

©Gerber Architekten

Gerber Architekten have been awarded with the contract of the negotiation procedure “Klink am Hellweg – conversion and extension of Haus Rosenau”. The clinic am Hellweg is situated at the central “Sälzer Platz” and verges on the pedestrian zone with numerous shopping facilities and the spacious spa gardens of Bad Sassendorf. With the extension and restructuring of the existing building “Haus Rosenau” the connection to the therapeutic health resort is improved and a visual unity with the health clinic is created.

Photo: ©Gerber Architekten

The decision about the construction project ” Wohnen am Nikolausberger Weg “ in Göttingen is made: Gerber Architekten was awarded with the first prize in the open two-phase competition. On the site of 13.670 qm, 80 new residential units in different sizes shall be built. Our draft shows an urban figure of 6 point houses, which react with a compatibly proximity appropriately reserved to the surroundings. It mediates between the small-scale detached houses in the south and the large-size multi-storey residential construction in the north. The freely positioned buildings adapt sensitive to the existing topography and the surrounding landscape zone, thus creating an own space structure of private plateau gardens, semi-public ways, green areas and public playgrounds in an exquisite exterior space.

Photo: ©Gerber Architekten

Gerber Architekten have won the competition for a 170,000 m2 building complex which is to be built in Stuttgart-Vaihingen for the Allianz Group. The new company headquarters should be completed by 2022, providing space for about 4,500 staff. The five buildings of the new Allianz complex are grouped around a new public space along the edge of an existing street. The public space contains an old oak tree as a living monument to mark the new urban context. A central entrance hall at ground level links three of the buildings including the single tower which signals the main entrance and defines the new public space. The two other buildings have separate entrances and can thus function independently. The basement level contains shared functions, including canteens, event and sports areas, and connects all the individual buildings to form a single functional unit and provide optimal communication. The open spaces of the Allianz site provide public access to the nearby Dürrlewangwald recreation area. In this way the Allianz can be presented as an “open” company to the general public.

Visualization: ©Gerber Architekten

Gerber Architekten has been awarded the third prize at the negotiated procedure for their design of the new building of the school campus in Unterföhring. The central design idea is the merging of all institutions under one roof e.g. shelter, primary school, sports hall and secondary school to create a functional unit, which promotes teaching and learning in different ages. The result is a three-storey building complex with clear geometries, which are interrupted through various sizes of courtyards. With its cubic forms and structure, the school campus achieves a high universal recognition in a unshaped area and complies sustainable and aesthetic expectations.

Photo: ©Gerber Architekten

Gerber Architekten have received an acknowledgement for their competition design of the renovation and expansion of the State and City Library Augsburg. In cooperation with the structural engineers of osd, the planners developed a concept that, in one hand provides a careful building refurbishment that should be performed with minimal structural interventions and on the other hand the addition of a reading room with foyer and magazine area to the south, which derives of the buildings structure, the symmetry, the proportions and the geometry of the construction component.

In particular the approach to extend the monument with a much lower but similarly proportioned building was highlighted positively by the jury. Furthermore, the judges praised the clear and concise outline of the functional areas, the well-designed open spaces and the almost complete preservation of the tree population.

Gerber Architekten won the first prize in the competition for a new hospice in Jena-Lobeda and could compete against five other architectural offices.

The central design idea is to offer the patients of the hospice a comfortable living environment. To achieve this goal, Gerber Architekten plans to include small courtyards with gardens which will be surrounded by the private rooms. Ceiling high windows offer the residents views outside and far out into the landscape.