Since July 2, Prof. Eckhard Gerber has been on a 10-day lecture tour in China, visiting the cities of Chengdu, Harbin and Shenzhen as well as the new offices of the Shanghai location. At the beginning of his journey Prof. Gerber talked at the ‘China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute’ in Chengdu (CSWADI) in his lecture ‘Between Architectural Worlds’ (see photo). Followed by a lecture at the ‘Harbin Institute of Technology’ (HIT) on July 9 titled ‘Architecture in the context of landscape and open space’. Especially the combination of architecture and landscape has always played an important role in the buildings of Gerber Architects. Professor Gerber’s buildings often consciously formulate the transition between built urban space and landscape or define new landscape spaces through their cubature and their positioning on the property itself.


photos: ©Gerber Architekten