In the non-open interdisciplinary realization competition for the new construction of the administrative headquarters of the Northeast Branch – Die Autobahn GmbH of the German Federal Government – the design by Gerber Architekten won first prize. The concept is based on a three-story ring-shaped basic structure in timber hybrid construction. The location in the middle of a pine forest is used for a natural interlocking of nature and architecture. Gently widened circulation areas with views to the outside complement the spatial concept with offices, conference area and flexibly designed foyer. “In terms of urban planning, architecture, function and sustainability, the very homogeneous work is highly convincing thanks to its holistic and bold approach,” was the jury’s verdict on the design. The new building sits like a natural element in the Mark Brandenburg landscape, which continues within the circular building, and adapts to its particular surroundings in its choice of materials.

Photo: Gerber Architekten