Over the next three years, new, agile working worlds will be created for Allianz Deutschland AG according to the design by Gerber Architekten. In 2025, the workplaces that have so far been spread across several locations in Stuttgart are to find their new address at the new Group location in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The new multi-part building offers modern working landscapes that meet all the conditions of office work environments at all times. The concept is based on a high-rise building and lower structures grouped around a hundred-year-old oak tree. The special feature of the project is its embedding in the green landscape area in the south-west of Stuttgart. With its rounded forms, the group of buildings ensures ventilation, which is important for the region. In this way, a sensible and sustainable unit is created within the landscape and in consideration of the wind conditions. In its internal structure, Allianz Park Stuttgart has been conceived and developed for a wide variety of future uses. Free and open areas allow office use in a wide variety of ways, offering employees optimal working conditions.