The competition has been decided: We are pleased to report that Gerber Architekten has been able to win the competition for the new department building of Earth- and Environmental Sciences of the ‘Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität’ (LMU) Munich. Congratulations to the entire project team.

The new building for Department of Earth- and Environmental Sciences LMU Munich is a v-shaped sculptural structure which connects to the existing buildings in the northern part of the property as well as to the institute building in the south. The interior of the V-shape is designed as a glass hall, which at the same time emphasizes the entrance situation and offers a ‘showcase’ into the new building of geological and environmental science. The forecourt at the entrance continues into the hall, which serves as a public exhibition area for large scale exhibits or events. The Institute can present itself in this spacious airspace with all its working areas, as both the first basement with the workshop spaces, the library landscape on the ground floor and the generously glazed laboratory areas on the upper floors are oriented towards the hall. The boundary between outside and inside is removed – research can be experienced directly.


visualisations: ©Gerber Architekten