The management board – front left Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Sieber, front right Dipl.-Ing. Jens Bentfeld of Gerber Architekten GmbH – back left Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Lücking, back right Dipl.-Ing. Marius Ryrko of Gerber Architekten International GmbH, in the middle Professor Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Gerber

There are companies for which people immediately associate images. In the case of Gerber Architekten from Dortmund, these are not just images, but buildings that can be experienced and walked through. The “architecture” of the company, founded in 1966, which has been based in Dortmund since 1979, has also been carefully designed. Professor Eckhard Gerber succeeded early on in bringing on board younger colleagues who were both ambitious and talented. With Benjamin Sieber and Jens Bentfeld on the one hand, and Thomas Lücking and Marius Ryrko on the other, he has two pairs of managing directors who jointly lead the fortunes of the company, which consists of two GmbHs. Gerber Architekten GmbH, led by Benjamin Sieber and Jens Bentfeld, is mainly active in the German-speaking region from its headquarters in Dortmund and offices in Hamburg and Münster. In April, a new office location will also be opened in Düsseldorf. Jens Haake, Michael Halbeisen, Barbara Breitenbach, Ralf Schneider, and Brigitte Tamasy strengthen the management team as authorized signatories.