On January 25th, at 6 pm, the Forum StadtBauKultur (engl: Forum CityBuildingCulture) invites visitors to a guided tour through the two new vocational colleges Robert-Schuman- and Robert-Bosch at the Dortmunder U – the new neighborhood. The event will start with a welcome speech by one of the representatives of the agency of urban planning and the building regulatory agency, followed by two guided tours. Staff members of Gerber Architekten will lead through the colleges and show interesting design aspects of the buildings and their facade design which was inspired by the U-tower.

The Forum StadtBauKultur consists of a group of different supporters, lead by the city of Dortmund, department of planning, building and environment, with participation of various associations and institutions. In lectures the Forum shows the variety of their building tasks and prozesses such as their results. Furthermore these events are a great chance for professional exchange.