Under the motto “People shape spaces, spaces shape people”, the BDA Dortmund Hamm Unna’s theme was current housing concepts in Dortmund’s inner city. Benjamin Sieber, Managing Director of Gerber Architekten, explained the mixed-use concept of Basecamp. In a prime inner-city location, the hotel and student residence combines long-term and short-term forms of living with individual and communal spaces as well as public catering and local amenities. The Basecamp, designed by Gerber Architekten, is representative of the transformation of the urban space from a retail location to a sustainable utilisation concept. The other lectures illuminated a mix of topics (building groups, reform housing, parking space regulations, etc.) that has led to quite controversial discussions in the Baukunstarchiv NRW.

Further information on the event can be found here: https://www.bda-dortmund.de/2022/11/wohnraum-und-stadtraum-in-der-city/.

Caption from left to right: Benjamin Sieber (Gerber Architekten), Hans-Leo Drewes (Bauart), Birgit Niedergethmann (Stadtplanungs- und Bauordnungsamt), Marcus Patrias (Marcus Patrias Architekten), Dirk Becker (post welters + partner) Maximilian Derwald (Derwald Projektentwicklung)

Photo: sim