Our project is characterized by a unique design in which two contrasting facades merge together. On the street side, a reddish clinker brick is reminiscent of the adjacent Stellingen town hall, while the garden façade with transparent balconies creates a light and airy ambience. Thanks to clever projections and recesses as well as different staggered heights, the building complex, which is over 190 meters long, blends harmoniously into its surroundings and offers 123 one- to four-room apartments of exceptional quality. The sound-absorbing function along the sports field ring also ensures additional living comfort.
The new building not only contributes to the identity of our city, but also improves the quality of life of its residents. It is an example of how architecture can have a positive influence on urban development and the social fabric.

Our thanks go to SAGA Siedlungs-Aktiengesellschaft Hamburg, our committed client, and the entire team that worked on this project. This award is recognition of our efforts to shape the future of housing.

Together we are shaping the future of modern living and making a lasting mark on the city of Hamburg.