The science city Darmstadt is planning to restorate the Vocational Training Center North at the Nordpark next to the city center.
In a limited design competition, 15 teams submitted their ideas. Gerber Architekten was able to leave all the other attendees behind and won the 2nd prize with their design. A first prize was not awarded.

The design by Gerber Architekten is working as a roof on top of the outdoor space between the old building and the forum, the central green outdoor space of the campus. The new two storey building, including the foyer, canteen and mediathek of the Vocational Training Center North in Darmstadt, is integrated into the urban environment as a natural piece of the campus and is presenting itself confident as central point.

The new building was purposely not attached to the existing building to strengthen it’s central and representative role as “middle”. It’s transparency turns into a permeable room which opens wide views into the park area and connects the new building with the environment. The new and the old building, which has to be restorated and the outdoor space with the forum, become an ensemble and together they mark the new campus center.