The construction work at the new learning and event complex for the EBZ (European Training Center for Real Estate and Housing Management) at the Springorumalle 20 in Bochum is proceeding according to plan. The Training and Research Centre is configured as a solitary building with a Z-shaped, double-angled form. This allows for an expansive front plaza, which creates an urban structural connection to the existing buildings of the EBZ and also forms the official main entrance. It also creates an urban landscape space behind the building containing parking spaces, with a direct access to the foyer. The building is divided into a four-storey block with offices and seminar rooms and a single-storey volume with two large halls that can be combined or opened up to the outside space. Between these is a single-storey connective element, containing a foyer which provides central access to each part of the building. The brick exterior of this modest and unobtrusive building is intended to fit harmoniously into the structure of the existing buildings.


Follow the construction progress live here: EBZ

Photo: ©Gerber Architekten