Binnenfeldredder Schools

Three compact building volumes summarize the fragmentation of the existing campus, being positioned in the urban context in such a way that clearly defined well usable spaces are formed as a front yard and playground. Their interaction is enhanced by the choosen material of thin bricks in light shading colors. Due to its central location in the school centre in the south of the site the Forum Building with its integrated classrooms for the level 9 to 12 in the upper floors forms the new address of the school. It completely opens on three sides to the adjacent green spaces and the playground. A flexibly designed floor plan maximizes combinations for different courses. The circular lobby provides a direct connection to the administration area and the teaching classrooms of the existing buildings. All classrooms are oriented to the outside, residence classes and computer rooms face the quiet courtyard. Class levels 5 to 8 are located in an independent building (GYLOH) in the north. This “small” school building is oriented to the schoolyard and the Forum building in the south as well as to the connecting axis of the playgrounds in the north. In the ground floor the comprehensive school opens up to the entrance and the new playground in the south. It is also connected to the existing recreation hall and includes the existing library into school life. The landscape architecture also designed by Gerber Architekten carries the character of a Park sustaining the green centre of Lohbrügge as an important landscape and natural environment. Green Classrooms in the courtyards accomplish the horticultural landscape picture of trees with colourful flower meadows and accurately cut hedges. The elongated seating steps form a topography comprising mostly flat lawn areas. The material mediates between the existing buildings and new brick facades: red color, bright surfaces for all the entrances and stairways, yellow sand for walkways, wooden platforms located under trees and uniform bright colors for other furnishings. The exterior floor coverings generate large continuous areas. The extension of the playground area connects to the sport hall and provides the basis for a pathway to the planned 2 field-sports centre in the north-east.

Location Hamburg, Germany
Competition 1st prize 2012
GFA 15.090 m²
GV 64.290 m³
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