Hainan BoAo Bio-Medical Regeneration Clinic
(Research) Center

The new Hainan BoAo Regeneration Clinic close to the Wanquan River Bench is situated within a green belt. The raised site counteracts the frequent floods and creates a generous lake in the center promoting recreation and regeneration for patients and visitors alike. The resort ensemble comprises medical facilities, research and development, offices and residential buildings and combines them in a harmonious and holistic way. Wayfinding comes pleaseantly natural as public and semi-public functions are arranged along a sequence of colonnades with water terraces and regenerative walkways. Inner courtyards provide natural daylight, serve as green outdoor and indoor gardens and offer attractive views and orientation for building users. The inpatient facilities are directly linked to the main building with its polyclinic and Medical Center whilst being positioned at the waterfront with direct aspects onto the central lake. The enhanced patient and user experience is continued at the multifunctional building with its cafeteria, rehabilitation center and recreational roof ter­race. Short ways to the research and development building and the medical facilities afford calming views across the lake. The ensemble is completed with the stand-alone inpatient buildings for a more secluded and private experience surrounded by the green scenery. Architecture, landscape and water are designed with a strong focus on creating the perfect environment for regeneration, relaxation and personal well-being.

Location Hainan, China
Competition 1st prize 2017
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