St. Ludgerus Parish Hall, Borken-Weseke

The relatively small spatial arrangement, combined with the need to combine flexibly as many rooms with one another as possible while maintaining barrier-free access, resulted in a one storey, ground level building. This harmonizes with the smaller scaled structures that encircle the church and defines the southern edge of the church square.

A high, light-flooded corridor provides access along the length of the entire building. On one side of the corridor a narrow low building segment that runs parallel to the street and houses secondary rooms is situated while the parish hall, library and group rooms are located on the other side, in the wider and taller segment. A foyer running diagonally to this breaks up the completely closed façade facing the street and leads to the church square.

The group rooms and parish hall face the church to the north, thus making views of it omnipresent. A colonnade runs along the façade on this same side, opening up in front of the parish hall, incorporating into it a portion of the church square, creating a defined open space. The colonnades reappear inside along the narrow access corridor, which, because of its height and overhead lighting, radiates a sacred atmosphere, distinguishing this parish house from similar structures.

Exposed concrete and warm orange-coloured, large format wood panels characterize the building’s design that, with its pillar and beam construction, reflects its classical orientation.

Location Borken-Weseke, Germany
Competition 1st prize, 2000
Construction 2002 - 2004
GFA 864 m²
GV 3.518 m³
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