Since autumn 2013, the new school building for the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (experiment and teaching facility for brewery) is being built on the former brewery property at Seestraße in Berlin-Wedding. The building will be finished this year – on time for the anniversary „500 Jahre Reinheitsgebot“ (500 years of German Beer Purity Law). A live-webcam shows the state of the construction. Please click here to watch.

In 2009, Gerber Architekten won the design competition and was contracted with the design, the building permissions and the construction documentation.

The new building – a compact, sculptural volume – defines the old buildings with the historic brew house at the campus, the new center of the school area. The color of the old buildings is transferred onto the new facade by using red-brown bricks, however the linear shape marks the buildings independence. Using brick on all buildings, stresses the uniform appearance.