The Noble Quran Oasis Project has won the WAN Commercial Award 2014 in the future projects category. The jury, consisting of internationally known architects and engineers, including Stephen Pey, selected our project from the five finalists for the award.

The new museum for the Quran, located in the holy city of Al Madinah al Munawarah, makes a contrast to the barren volvanic landscape with its verdant centre – like a modern oasis. Embedded in a Wadi, the design exploits the topography of this dried-up stream and allows it to be re-experienced as a newly-formed oasis. The roof of the „Nobel Quran Oasis“ will be constructed as a three dimensional sculpture of simple geometric figures reminiscent of traditional Islamic ornamentation and will be entirely covered with gold photovoltaic elements. The landscape design refers to the classical gardens of the Arab world and illustrates central elements of Quran teaching.

The WAN Commercial Award has been honouring since 2009 the best in international architecture for tourism, museums, etc.