In addition to renowned speakers from the offices Staab Architekten, Hammeskrause Architekten and Glass Kramer Löbbert, Architect Michael Halbeisen, project director at ‘Gerber Architecten’ and expert in the field of research and laboratory construction, gave a specialist lecture on the topic ‘Thought models sometimes realistic – how to establish areas of informal communication (…in future more strongly…)’ at the 14th  ‘Laborrunde’ in Berlin on April 12 and 13. The annual interdisciplinary conference brings together users, operators and leading planners of laboratory buildings to discuss the latest developments and innovations. This year’s event under the headline ‘Theory and practice in laboratory construction’ focused in particular on the fact that due to the complexity of the usage requirements and thus also the planning task in laboratory and research construction, there are not necessarily theoretical foundations but, on the contrary, empirical values from practice that are indispensable. However, not every participant and planner has the opportunity to draw on his own interdisciplinary experience. This is exactly what the concept of the ‘Laborrunde’ focusses on – the participants share their experience and can therefore profit from synergy effects in order to achieve optimal results for highest usage requirements and to be able to continuously develop them further.

For further information please see: 14. Laborrunde 2018

Photo: ©Gerber Architekten