Centre for Interface-Dominated High Performance Materials, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany


With an overall usable space of 2,889 square metres, the new ZGH research centre will be an solitary polygonal building, situated between the IA and IB buildings on the north side of the Ruhr University campus, Bochum. The ground floor extends out as a low flat building, with the topographical gradient allowing it to become an unobtrusive part of the land-scape. The entrance hall, which extends through all storeys, gives the new research building its centre and identity. Its large windows also enable one to see into the clean rooms, which cannot be entered. The centre has space for around eighty additional scientists, carrying out interdisciplinary work with the neighbouring engineering and sciences research departments on developing new high performance materials.

Location Bochum, Germany
Construction 2016-2020
GFA 7.222 m²
GV 32.955 m³
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