Institute of Chemistry and Technical Control Center, Campus Riedberg


The new building consists of two parts which are set apart from each other. Together with the cafeteria and the existing institute building they create a central square where the main entrance to the new building can be found. The two building parts are each made up of parallel building blocks, providing different depths for flexible research areas. The blocks are linked on both ends and there are green courtyards between them. A central spine route with containing staircases and foyers runs through the building linking all functions, providing a central public access and connecting the research and teaching zones. The shared facilities such as office space, lockers and sanitary areas are arranged along this main route, too. The link at the opposite end allows internal connections within the lab safety zone. Here´s social and communication. The appearance of the red brick façade successfully integrates the new building into the campus. Alternating open and closed façade surfaces correspond to the different user requirements of openness and privacy.

Location Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Competition 1st prize 2017
Construction 2022 - 2026
BGF 12.800 m²
BRI 50.100 m³
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