City-Tower-BO – New gateway to Bochum city centre

Mixed-use building showcases the openness of the university and cultural city

The City-Tower-BO will create a mix of working and living spaces on a approx. 20,000 m² site in Bochum. The design of the mixed-use building, which will be over 60 metres high, was an opportunity to rethink this site in a prime location in the city centre which previously accommodated an air-raid shelter and then a multi-storey car park. The City-Tower, located next to the main railway station, offers a diverse mix of uses in keeping with Bochum’s reputation as a city of science and as a cultural magnet. A hotel, offices, serviced apartments, gastronomy and retail units are all contained in its 21 storeys. Its striking chessboard-like facade adds a striking architectural component to the main point of arrival in the city.

The high-density vertical concept of the City-Tower is rich in synergies, producing a urbanistic solution for the corner site between the Südring, Universitätsstraße and railway. A spacious, two-storey foyer and large panorama windows emphasize the conceptual openness of the City-Tower. Amazing views of Bochum can be enjoyed from the Sky Bar – especially in the evenings. Behind the City-Tower, a new multi-storey car park, whose facade echoes that of the high rise building, provides plenty of parking for users and visitors. Residents will also benefit from the new shopping opportunities provided by the City-Tower. As the “gateway to the city centre”, the architecture of the City-Tower creates a welcoming gesture in dialogue with the main railway station at the most important entrance to Bochum city centre.

Place Bochum, Germany
Competition Assignment 2020
Satus 2022-2024
GFA 18.033
GV 59.222
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