Highway administration headquarters, Stolpe

When the planning task is to interlock architecture and landscape as optimally as possible, the landscape does not always have to be reshaped by the human hand or even newly created. In the best case, it is simply already there and the requirement for a new building to be designed is first and foremost to blend in gently. As in the case of an extensive wooded area, into which the new headquarters is set in the form of a ring-shaped building. The forest landscape is also to characterise the inner courtyard of the planned new building. The geometrically clear form of the building deliberately has an “imbalance” that is not perceptible from the outside: The inner ring is staggered to the northwest, creating a structure, in which all office spaces are assigned to the quiet inner courtyard. In the remaining three quarters of the circle segment areas, the building develops into a structure with offices also on the outside, as a result of the inner circle shift. The new building is to be light, transparent and largely constructed from natural, sustainable materials. Like the entire surrounding forest, the inner courtyard is also a piece of untouched nature.

Location Stolpe, Germany
Competition 1st prize 2022
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