Head Office for Volksbank, Lippstadt

Extending over the depth of the block the new building of the Mutual Savings Bank Lippstadt arranges the urban situation. It determines a vacant corner situation (Kahlenstraße / Spielplatzstraße) by the inclusion of the historical structure. The existing building will be replaced. Three small-scale urban situations are created – tiny green islands, they offer an attractive quality of stay outside. Employees and customers are invited for a pleasant outdoor living, as the jury notes and further comments: “Comfortable arranged by the author is the second entrance on the Spielplatzstraße, a separate side entrance, a Piazzetta – a high-quality will be expected because of the spatial arrangement and orientation. Also, at this point for example, the communication – an outdoor café – strengthens the urban culture of daily life.”

Two access cores with lifts at the customer hall open up the building vertically and allow for different divisions of utilisation units.
Conservatories on the 2nd floor along Kahlenstrasse and Spielplatzstrasse divide the building volume vertically and are intended to create an analogy to the rather small-scale plot structure of the historic old town.
A façade made of light-coloured concrete block elements with generous window formats is intended to emphasise the open and friendly character of the building.
Light-coloured surfaces are also used in the interior – floors in the counter hall are made of light-coloured large-format concrete block slabs, furniture is made of light-coloured wood and carpets are used in the office areas. All ceilings are plastered white.
The building is designed as a steel construction with a 1.35 m base grid and a 5.40 m support grid. The clear room heights are 4.00 m on the ground floor and 3.25 m on each of the upper floors. The customer hall has a clear height of 7.50 metres. Access to the underground car park and deliveries are made from Kahlenstrasse via the inner courtyard. Short-term parking is also located here. The underground car park exit is located on Spielplatzstraße.

Location Lippstadt, Germany
Competition 1st prize, 2010
GFA 9.385 m²
GV 37.023 m³
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