Hotel Complex and Bus Terminal with Parking Garage, Leipzig


On the east side of Leipzig’s listed main railway station and within walking distance of the city centre, a prestigious ensemble of buildings is currently under construction, consisting of two new hotels and a completed long-distance bus terminal with multi-storey car park.
With aesthetic consideration for the neighbouring architectural monuments, the buildings blend respectfully, naturally and yet timelessly elegantly into the urban context.
The two hotel buildings are each designed as independently functioning building sections that unite at their common interface to form a striking building sculpture and open up to the landscaped inner courtyard.
To the south towards the city centre, a newly designed forecourt is being created, which – as with the façade design of the hotels – incorporates and reinterprets elements of the vertically structured natural stone façade of the railway station.
The new long-distance bus terminal, including multi-storey car park, is located directly behind the hotel complex and, with its light, translucent perforated sheet metal cladding, takes up the same colour tone as the hotel building and, with its external construction, the vertical structure of the railway station and the hotels. The long-distance bus terminal with a total of nine bus platforms and a reserve platform has been in operation since March 2018 and offers its passengers a pleasant transfer and waiting time with over 700 m² of service and retail space.
In addition to the car rental facility, there is also a four-storey multi-storey car park with 550 parking spaces above the terminal, which will relieve the city centre of car traffic from now on.
A high-quality plaza with stone benches, rows of trees and strips of grass will be created between the hotel complex and the long-distance bus terminal.
Thanks to the new commercial uses of the bus terminal and the catering facilities of the adjacent hotel, this open space invites people to take a stroll and thus creates a sense of cohesion between the hotel and the multi-storey car park.

Location Leipzig, Germany
Competition 1st prize 2015
Contruction Hotel 2017 – 2019
Construction Terminal 2016–2018
Hotel - GFA / GV 12.000 m² / 51.000 m²
Terminal - GFA / GV 21.030 m² / 77.365 m³
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