Municipal Hall and Hotel

The municipal hall, as well as the hotel belonging to it, are located on the site of a former quarry and were built in the front of the site so that the cliff oval, with its park, recreation and activity areas, is retained and the municipal hall, with its foyer and expansive glazed surfaces, opens up toward the city. The municipal hall responds to the cliff-like landscape by following the terraced topography. All areas accommodating the main services are located next to the central forum.

> Landscapearchitecture

Location Hagen, Germany
Competition 1st prize, 1974
Construction 1975 – 1981
GFA 50,000 m²
GV 210,000 m³
1982 Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaues
1984 Auszeichnung vorbildlicher Bauten in NRW
1985 Architekturpreis des deutschen Klempnerhandwerks
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