Parish Centre for the Johanniskirche, Witten

The new, small-scaled parish centre responds to the original structures, which surrounded the Johanniskirche, and interprets them using contemporary means. The new building segments are grouped together in a radial arrangement, as were the simple homes that once stood on the site, around the church, creating a sharp contrast to the immediate surroundings.

The polygonal shape of the building’s six segments follows the former heterogeneous plot outlines. The various uses accommodated in the parish hall are allocated to the individual houses. The hall, with its three segments, extends over three wings of the building, while the three remaining and slightly larger segments to the east house the rooms for adults and youth groups and the caretaker’s flat. The spaces between these areas are glazed and house the entrance foyer and the side entrances, complete with their staircases. These spaces help to organize the entire structure and simultaneously connect the different usage areas. To the southwest a glazed arcade situated along the façades provides access to all the houses while providing a view of the neighbouring church. The entrance foyer builds the focus of the parish centre and is accessible from both the street and the church square.

The exterior landscaping, with radial lines adorning its surface, acts as a visual connection between the modern parish centre and the old church. The different colours of the houses’ façades represent the new vitality of the parish’s activities.

Location Witten
Competition 1ˢᵗ prize 2000
Construction dates 2002 - 2003
GFA 1.445 m²
Gross Volume 5.930 m³
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