Philharmonie Peking

Competition 2014
GFA 26.570 m²
Gross Volume 192.000 m³

We propose a clear architecture for the China Philharmonic Hall in Beijing – an architecture which stages music as the main function. Through its timeless sublime and elegant posture, this composed and minimalistic building presents itself at an exposed position: near park and water and the Workers‘ Stadium it acts calm and undirected without building out any rear faces.

This – at first site – simple form constructs the frame for its inestimable value: it is the stage for the music.

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791

Based on the shape of a shell with its rough and firm skin which protects and preserves the pearl within the cubature consists of two solid closed areas (roof and base) which enclose the music hall (the very core).

The closed base consists of private and subordinate functions and builds the platform for the public foyer. This includes the music hall as a transitional space in total height and connects with its transparent facade the interior with the exterior. Park, water and city reflect in its glass facade. Depending on the daylight, the inner life of the foyer reveals itself to the outside.

The glowing mysterious music hall takes over the key role. The high overhanging roof builds up the crowning highlight. The roof is supported by circular lean concrete columns and opens up to the sky above the main stage. The overriding structure of the architecture is to support the holistic experience of the music.

On the elevated foyer level the visitors have the chance to free themselves from the visual and acoustic impressions of the city can draw their attention to the silent sounds of the interior in preparation for the elevated music experience. From here the visitors immerse themselves into the music hall – totally introverted and detached by the outside world. Here they can entirely devote themselves to the music. Afterwards the VIP-visitors have the possibility to talk and exchange in the VIP- Lounge and the roof area or they can finish their music experience in the “garden of silence” looking skywards.