Recklinghausen Campus of the University of Applied Sciences

Department of Material Science and Business Engineering

The Recklinghausen Campus of Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences is located at the transition between the urban environment and the open countryside at the bottom of a hill. Three new buildings are grouped along an existing narrow path ascending the hill, thereby transforming the path into a narrow forum. The arrangement of buildings in the west of the site develops a close proximity to the existing estate as well as a wide undeveloped area on the slope in the east. Furthermore, it does not question the solitary location of the Judicial Academy on the hill.

In the southwest, the central building accommodating the canteen and library forms the start to the forum and the transition from the city region to the campus. The main building for the Department of Material Science is the next one along. The bar-shaped building accommodating the Department of Business Engineering, administration offices and the language centre is situated north of the forum. Wide steps, which serve as seats inviting to linger and communicate, interlink the university both externally and internally. From here, all university areas are accessible on different levels.

In addition to the steps and landscape planning elements, the central forum is above all characterised by the large timber-clad lectures halls. These volumes are emphasised as special elements in the interior as well as against the alignment of plain white plaster façades. Clearly arranged wooden windows bands and large glazed areas additionally structure the single buildings and emphasise their entrances.

> Landscape Architecture

Location Recklinghausen, Germany
Competition 1st prize, 1995
Construction 1997 – 1999
GFA 19.480 m²
GV 83.853 m³
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