Residential Building ‘Nikolausberger Weg’

Project information

With a clear guiding principle, the residential buildings ‘Nikolausberger Weg’ respond to the differentiated urban development situation that characterises the area on the north-eastern edge of Göttingen. The six loosely arranged point houses mediate between the small-scale single-family housing development in the south, the multi-storey residential building blocks in the north and east, and the foothills of the city forest in the west. They form a clear closure of the existing building structure and at the same time continue to allow permeability and visual references to the landscape. In the three- to five-storey buildings, 81 flexible apartments can be created that meet the goal of offering space for the residents’ most diverse lifestyles and life phases. The facades of the buildings are horizontally structured by slightly cantilevered ceilings and thus make a creative reference to the scenic terraces of the surroundings.

Location Göttingen, Germany
Competition 1st prize 2017
Status Assignment 2018
GFA 15,070 m²
GV 45,310 m³