Sadarah International School

Around 2,660 students as well as 222 teachers and employers could visit a campus of 12 607 square meters to learn to contemporary educational standards. Local building materials will be used in accordance with requirements of ‘green building’ criteria.

The Shumou International School is a private school with separate boys’ and girls’ areas on the same campus. International schools follow the educational needs of students from kindergarten until 12th grade. In addition to indoor and outdoor sports facilities with tribunes for school events, students dine in cafeterias with outside areas.

Experimental work with different materials and exploration of scientific phenomena take place in specially set up ‘Environmental Research Labs’. In science labs students are taught in technical practise. In addition to reading, writing and mathematics, media education is also on the curriculum as are subjects regarding the human body, health care and nutrition for which separate school kitchens are provided. General classes take place in multifunctional classrooms with smartboards according to each subject. The students will find prayer rooms for their religious practise.

Respecting specific needs of all different age groups, the design requires highest standards for the spatial organization and routing. The school is one step towards a young Saudi generation opening up to a future with its diverse challenges and to a necessary international integration.

Competition 1st prize, 2010
GFA 42.361 m²
GV 169.472 m³