Student housing ‘522 Apartunities’

An axial service and access route has been developed as part of a master plan for the area around the main railway station in Würzburg. At its western end a new student residence has now been built, comprising four individual blocks in a comb-shaped plan. The north side of the building runs parallel to the railway line, acting as an acoustic barrier. On the other side it opens up to the south with U-shaped courtyards overlooking a landscaped park. The floor plan structure is decisively organised as a classical double-loaded corridor system, only the housing units along the Bahnstrasse will be developed as single loaded corridor system due to noise considerations. The housing units facing south can be reached via the corridors facing the railway line. Within the double-loaded block building the access cores within the housing development as well as the student common room are positioned at the passageways of the building along the railway line. Expanded floor zones leave rooms for communication and meeting. The offered single apartments ,if required, can also be made available to other groups like e.g. the senior residence.

Location Würzburg, Germany
Design Assignment 2014
Construction 2016 – 2018
GFA 24.590 m²
GV 79.860 m³
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