Extension of the town hall in Ahrensburg


The extension to the town hall in Ahrensburg is designed as a clear, formally calm building that forms the southern end of the town hall forecourt without competing with the existing building with its main entrance. The rather narrow but deep and compact volume on the street side allows generous connections to the park. The underground car park entrance and exit are located on the south side of the new building, thus avoiding intersections of car and passenger traffic.
The foyer of the extension building is entered via the extended town hall forecourt. A roof-glazed cascade staircase running towards the park connects all storey levels with each other and allows a beautiful view of the greenery. On the west side of each floor, a break/logia area with a kitchenette frames the view of the new park. On the 1st floor, an interior connection to the existing building is planned in the form of a glass corridor. The façade of white pigmented prefabricated concrete elements radiates calm and discretion and exercises appropriate restraint in front of the listed main building of the town hall.

The basic principle of the concept is that the building’s energetic and climatic function is adapted to its surroundings and use, so that the architecture and building services already react to the climatic-energetic and use-specific requirements in the design. Sensible passive and active measures and optimised use of natural resources contribute to this.

The newly created park is oriented with its functions and open spaces along existing and new connections. A central and open centre of the park is planned as a public lawn. This allows good orientation and visual references to all functions and entrances of the park.

Location Ahrensburg, Germany
Competition 1st prize 2021
GFA 2.098 m²
GV 1.218 m³
Urban Park 12.400 m²
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