Training and Research Centre for the Institute for Brewing (VLB), Berlin

The new build of the training centre seems to be sculpturally shaped from reddish-brown brick. It complements the open space around the existing buildings to form a central campus square. As part of the old brewery the former brewing house will substantially help to characterise the campus, and will at a later date be included in the new use of the technical school for brewing. The light-flooded entrance hall will offer views through to the glazed brewery rooms in the basement with the typical brewing coppers and technical installations. They characterise the entrance hall and clearly demonstrate that one is within a technical school for brewing. The realised entrance level forms a protruding socle, which as an entrance forecourt becomes part of the campus. That way, naturally lit areas are created on the socle level underneath the entrance level.

In the new laboratories, the chosen floor plan layout allows for a maximum flexibility as regards the interior design and supply even for the future. All laboratory units can be accessed separately and form self-sufficient entities. The grid dimension of 1.15 metres allows for an optimal use of laboratory areas in compliance with prescribed minimum corridor widths. Loggias offer places in the open.

The modular laboratory furniture system is designed on the basis of usual grid dimensions. Changes of furnishings are therefore possible at justifiable costs. Evaluation zones are separated from the surrounding laboratory areas with glass partitions. Laboratory units along the wall are up to 2.75 metres high, central lab benches are as low as possible to allow plenty of natural light to enter the depth of the room. All higher lab pieces of furniture, such as extraction units, are therefore positioned at the walls. In order to increase the storage capacity, all wall laboratory benches are fitted with wall units, which are with storage shelves underneath accessible with a ladder. To respond to needs, standard laboratories are equipped with laboratory sinks and eye wash units, whereas S2 laboratories have additional washbasins and if required partly extractor units or safety cabinets. The equipment also includes storage cabinets for chemicals and hazardous substances as well as first aid cabinets, cooling devices, vacuum supply and the corresponding media supply systems.

Location Berlin
Competition 1st prize, 2009
Construction 2013 – 2017
GFA 11.150 m²
GV 50.412 m³
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