Lecture and seminar building, University of Paderborn

Compact and with a view

As a cubic structure in a prominent position in the present four-story building and lecture hall and seminar Northwest is the final in the direction of the otherwise heterogeneous urban university campus. The compressed volume is determined using the topography linked technically and functionally tight manner. A running from inside to outside staircase in the foyer takes on the Geländeversprünge, so that two foyers. arise The upper is used for exhibitions and events, on the lower floor and dressing rooms In addition, all rooms are arranged. The impressive foyer with only an open staircase in each level and Bridges linking lecture halls and seminar rooms together.

> Interior Design

For a total of approximately 1,200 students are two lecture halls with side galleries, and with 400 seats, three large seminar rooms and two small seminar units. The light gap, which is in the roof area consistently emerges is ensuring additional exposure and separates from the seminar auditoriums tract both creatively and constructively from each other. On the long sides of the facades are glazed with the Foyer on the ground floor and rows of narrow window slits to expose the behind the lecture halls Spaces in their functions from.

The panel consists of large, charcoal-colored fiber cement panels, on the southeast side only with cuts to the integration of functions outside air and exhaust air. In contrast, a post and beam construction provides on the northwest side of a generous exposure of the Seminar rooms and offices. Here are also the passage to the neighboring buildings, and a coiled Steel stairs as an escape route. The transparency of the lobby allows for constant insight into the events and deflected by the accent color in contrast to the charcoal-colored facade of the evening’s attention up.

Location Paderborn
Design 2009
Construction 2010 - 2011
GFA 3.423 m²
Gross Volume 21.757 m³
2014 Auszeichnung guter Bauten
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