Rostock University Institute of Physics

The new build for the Institute of Physics and the new lecture hall building at Rostock University are designed as two structures interlinked via a glazed bridge. Additionally, a third complex, the Life, Light and Matter (LLM) Research Building, is interdisciplinarily connected to the lecture hall building. Undercut by the campus alley, the structural bridge connection on the first floor between the new build for the Institute of Physics and the lecture hall building defines the entrances to the research respectively the teaching building. Although all three buildings are positioned separately, they unite in their overall appearance and with their entrances facing each other to form a unity, which can also be recognized by its internal function. Furthermore, this entity offers clear orientation.


Functionally, the physics complex is divided into two laboratory levels (“basement”“ and “raised ground floor”), which guarantee a vibration-free environment, and two office levels located above. A hall stretches across all levels of the physics building and offers views to both sides into a green courtyard and a public green area. As an extension of the bridge it provides access to various functional areas of the physics building. Two-storey terrace recesses on the upper office levels, which are offset in relation to each other, open up the institute building towards the landscaped garden courtyard, thus allowing plenty of daylight to enter the building despite its compact construction.

All three buildings are designed as rather solid cubes with window bands and partly storey-high glazed window areas. The used façade material is a reddish, long-format brick typical of North Germany. That way, all buildings are united as a structural entity despite their independence, and they naturally integrate into the architectural vocabulary of the existing buildings on the campus with regard to the material selection.

Location Rostock
Competition 2008
Construction dates 2009 - 2015
GFA 21.760 m²
Gross Volume 101.090 m³
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