Urban regeneration has been a key aspect of China’s sustainability-focused urban planning policy since 2021. This year, Gerber Architekten is a guest of Paper Urban Regeneration Month, the first series of events in China on the topic of urban regeneration.
At the invitation of the International Expert Forum, Marius Ryrko took part in the opening plenary discussion on global modernisation and urbanisation processes. Our approaches and methods for sustainable urban development can still be seen as a supporting programme in Zhangyuan, Shanghai, until 12 January 2024. In addition to several of our German reference projects, current projects in China are also presented, including our healthcare complex currently under construction in Shenzhen, which includes an 800-bed clinic, a university area for 2,000 students and a training centre for medical professions. Another project, our Jinan Jinshi Centre, was recognised as an “Innovative Office Project” 2023 on the Paper Urban Regeneration Annual List.