Exhibition Konzept+Atmosphäre | Dortmund · Hamburg · Berlin | Next Exhibition: Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin from 18.6. to 8.8.2019

Exhibition Konzept+Atmosphäre | Dortmund · Hamburg · Berlin | Next Exhibition: Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin from 18.6. to 8.8.2019

Exhibition Konzept+Atmosphäre | Dortmund · Hamburg · Berlin | Next Exhibition: Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin from 18.6. to 8.8.2019


From 18th June to 8th August 2019, the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin will be hosting the „Konzept+Atmosphäre“ exhibition which originates from the Baukunstarchiv NRW in Dortmund. Using photographs and models, the exhibition will display selected works by Gerber Architekten from over five decades which, with their differing conceptual approaches, have produced a wide range of tangible architectural atmospheres. A filmed interview addresses the question of how architecture can create atmosphere and how a building can become a multifaceted place of experience.


18.6.2019 18:30 – Vernissage – Welcoming Speech from Dr. h.c. Kristin Feireiss (Aedes, Berlin), Dr. Anne Schmedding (Deputy Chairwoman of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur), Professor Eckhard Gerber

The Konzept+Atmosphäre exhibition is open from 19th June until 8th August 2019 in the Aedes Architecture Forum (Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119 Berlin), free admission (Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am – 6.30pm, Sunday-Monday and Holidays 1pm – 5pm, Closed Saturdays)

It´s always the plain, simple things that shape people." The exhibition shows Prof. Gerber in a film interview about his origins and future, architecture and responsibility, concept and atmosphere.

The architectural spectrum

Important projects by Gerber Architects include the RWE Tower in Dortmund, the conversion of the Federal Ministry for Transport building and the King Salman Science Oasis in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia that is currently under construction, and include the ten buildings presented in the “Concept + Atmosphere” exhibition which, each in its own way, illustrate the practice’s approach to design. These projects include, amongst others: the conversion of the building of the former Union brewery into the “Dortmund U – Centre for Art and Creativity”, the King Fahad National Library in Riyadh, the Biology Department of Dresden Technical University and the conversion and extension of Eckhard Gerber’s own residence next to his architect’s studio at Tönnishof in Dortmund.

Insights into the concept phase

The exhibition brings to life for the visitor the architectural atmosphere of the selected buildings. At the same time, these buildings can also be viewed from the perspective of the architect – in the
form of architectural models. In spite of the modern trend towards digitalization, models are a key medium for Prof. Gerber and his team that help to capture and substantiate the building. In addition, the exhibition shows six projects that are currently being worked on at the various locations of the practice at home and abroad; renderings and drawings provide an exclusive insight into the concept phase and the design process itself.

Exhibition Konzept+Atmosphäre • AIT-Architektursalon Hamburg • from 11.4. to 15.5.2019

10 selected completed projects

large-size photos should convey architectural atmospheres

Opening on 11.4.2019

Opening on 11.4.2019

Insights into the concept phase

Architectural models represent the connection between concept and atmosphere

Opening on 11.4.2019 • Panel discussion 'Gerber-Talk'

Dr. Martin Tschechne, Dipl.Ing. Hannes Beinhoff, Prof. Eckhard Gerber, Dipl.-Ing. Tim C. Kraus, Dipl.-Ing. Jens Bentfeld

Opening on 11.4.2019

How can an overall conceptual idea be turned into architecture that moves people?

This question is the focus of the exhibition. The architect himself provides insights during short talks; the working atmosphere of the practice is an example of how creativity is fostered, and finally, light is shed on the relationship between atmosphere and concept. The focus is always on the question as to whether, and how, concepts and ideas can create an atmosphere in practical and concrete situations, an atmosphere that encourages greater harmony in communal life. Architecture is only truly justified when it improves the lives of people.

Review Baukunstarchiv NRW

On the occasion of Prof. Gerber’s 80th birthday the Baukunstarchiv NRW in Dortmund hosted from 23 November 2018 to 28 February 2019 the „Konzept+Atmosphäre“ exhibition. For the Vernissage on 23 November 2018, State Secretary Gunther Adler, as surprise guest, addressed personal greetings to Professor Gerber. Lord Mayor of Dortmund Ullrich Sierau presented Prof. Gerber with  the honorary needle of the city of Dortmund. Prof. Wolfgang Sonne, Scientific Director of the Baukunstarchiv NRW, moderated the opening ceremony, which was rounded off by greetings from Prof. Jörn Walter (former Oberbaudirektor of Hamburg), Barbara Ettinger-Brinckmann (President of the BAK) and Heiner Farwick (President of the BDA).

01, 02, 03 Panel discussions

The exhibition was accompanied by three public panel discussions between Professor Gerber and one guest each. Prof. Eckhard Gerber opened the series with talks with Prof. Dr. Volkwin Marg (gmp Architekten) on 28 November 2018 on the parallels in one’s life and finding one’s way to architecture. At the second panel discussion on 9 January 2019, Reiner Nagel, President of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, was guest at the Baukunstarchiv NRW and talked to Prof. Gerber about the complex aspects of building culture. Prof. Eckhard Gerber concluded the series of talks with Prof. Hinnerk Wehberg, founder of WES LandschaftsArchitektur, on the topic of “Landscape+Architecture”.

Impressions of the previous events:

Exhibition opening on 23.11.2018 in the atrium of the Baukunstarchiv NRW

Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau presents Prof. Gerber with the honorary needle of the city of Dortmund

As surprise guest State Secretary Gunther Adler addresses personal greetings to Prof. Gerber

Prof. Gerber speaks on 28.11.2018 in round table discussion 01 with Prof. Marg

Prof. Gerber personally guides through the exhibition

Reiner Nagel, Prof. Eckhard Gerber and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sonne

Prof. Gerber speaks on 09.01.2019 in round table discussion 02 with Reiner Nagel

Prof. Gerber speaks on 20.02.2019 in round table discussion 03 with Hinnerk Wehberg form WES LandschaftsArchitektur