Residential Building at Dinnendahlstraße

Project information

The clear linear building structure forms a pleasant contrast to the heterogeneous buildings of the neighbourhood, though the differentiated outline integrates the new buildings into the small-structured context. Lining the Dinnendahlstraße is a rowed structure subdivided into four buildings, enclosed but for the completely glassed-in stairwell. The distinctive awnings with their shear, lateral walls punctuate the covering of the uniform plastered façade, providing a visual connection to the street area. All flats open up towards the gardens in the west with room-high glazing, merging internal and external spaces and facilitating an expansion of the residential area into the outdoors. Terraces, large loggia balconies and roof terraces texture the facades, leaving large areas open. The floorplans for all east- and west-facing flats can be sectioned-off as desired and made to grow or shrink relative to the original outline in the floor plan draft, potentially allowing space for several generations under one roof. The buildings’ simple, economic structure therefore meets not only the demands of today but also the needs of future residents.

Location Essen, Germany
Design Assignment 2004
Construction 2005–2007
GFA 10,050 m²
GV 28,410 m³
2010 Architekturpreis der Stadt Essen
2008 UNIPOR Architekturpreis
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