IA, IB and IC-Complex
of Ruhr-University Bochum

Project information

With the new IA and IB high-rise building beams, the last building blocks of a total of three parts (IA+IB+IC) of the listed “I” series of engineering buildings at the Ruhr University Bochum have now been completed. In contrast to the IC bar, which was completely renovated in 2010, the IA and IB parts of the building and their outbuildings had to be completely dismantled due to excessive pollution and rebuilt at the original height and shape in close consultation with the monument authority. Today, the silhouette of the I series has been completed again and the architectural characteristics of the entire RUB facility have been preserved.

Location Bochum, Germany
Bid IC / Design IA+IB 2009 / 2012
Construction IC / IA+IB 2011 – 2013 / 2015 – 2018
GFA IC / IA+IB 52.310 m² / 64.500 m²
GV IC / IA+IB 215.950 m³ / 266.430 m³
2014 Award for good buildings 2014 (audience award)
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